Company profile

Häfele, an international company providing hardware and fitting systems and electronic locking systems, has a long and rich history that began in 1923. Today customers from 150 countries rely on Häfele's expertise and performance.

All people in the world have something in common: they live. Very individual, very different and as diverse as people are. We're here to help.

Core competency. Furniture fittings

  • Worldwide unique product range comprising 154,000 items.
  • The product range is constantly updated according to new requirements.
  • Our claim: „German Quality” Perfection.
  • „The Complete Häfele" – the reference tool for hardware technology.
    Weltweit in 24 Sprachen. Tagesaktuell im Internet und als App.

Core competency. Architectural hardware

  • More than 51,000 architectural hardware items.
  • Manufacturer-independent advice and procurement for builders, architects, investors and operators.360° comprehensive project solutions.
  • Electronic locking systems and access management..
  • StarTec – the Häfele brand name for architectural hardware and project fittings for the entire door.

Häfele Worldwide

  • International expertise, local presence.
  • 37 subsidiaries.
  • 11 foreign sales offices.
  • More than 7,600 employees worldwide.
  • Häfele Engineering and purchasing company in China.

Innovative spirit – the root  of the company.

„Right from the beginning we have asked ourselves what our customers will need tomorrow; and how society and markets will change. This is the origin of our innovations." (Sibylle Thierer)

  • On-going analysis of global market trends (example: reduced living space in urban environments).
  • On-going analysis of social and economic trends.

Functionality. More life per m2.

  • Origin: Megatrend of reduced living space in urban environments / reduced living space that at the same time is more expensive. 
  • Solution: Development of fittings for multi-functional furniture with added value.