Table extension fitting, For extending tables

  • Table with or without frame
  • Table with or without frame

    Table bases with and without frames are constructed and function in different ways.

    Table with frame = one-piece table base

    Table without frame = multi-piece table base

    The separable table tops are pushed apart. The table base remains unchanged.

    The separable table bases with fixed table top are pushed apart.

    Following applies for both tables with frame and without frame:

    Extension leaf

    Min. width 400 mm, Standard 500 mm, Comfort 600 mm, one extension leaf provides additional seating for 2 people.


    Only one table side must be pulled out. The opposite side of the table is then extended automatically.


    Both table sides must be pulled out separately.

    Without locking mechanism

    For locking the pull out table fitting in extended position additional fittings are required (table top swivel bolts, locking hooks or spring clips).

    With locking mechanism

    The locking mechanism is integrated in the pull out table fitting. No further fittings are required.

  • Pull out table fittings for tables without frame – construction
  • Pull out table fittings for tables without frame


    • Multi-piece table base, each fixed to one half of the table top.
    • Surrounding panel beneath table top stabilises the pull out table.

    Notes on construction

    • If the table legs are mounted inwards (with balance point on table top half), the pull out table fitting can be used without a central rod.
    • If table legs are mounted outwards, always select pull out table fitting with central rod.

    (1) central rod


    Note on choice of pull out table fitting

    • Installation length L of pull out table fitting = approx. length of frame/base or approx. 2/3 of table Ø or table length without extension leaves
    • A = width of extension leaf
    • L = installation length of pull out table fitting
    • B = total extension length of pull out table fitting
    • E = opening for extension leaf

    View of table from below, without extension leaf

    ⓐ Installation length of pull out table fitting is approx. length of frame

    Please note: If the installation length L is less than approx. length of frame/base or 2/3 of table Ø, this may lead to malfunction or sagging of the table top.

    Types of tables without frame

    open table frame

    Front extension

    • Separate extension leaf (separate storage)
    • Open table frame
    • Separate extension leaf (separate storage)


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    Product details
    • Easy installation – recesses not required
    • Can easily be retrofitted to existing tables

    Area of application

    For extending tables with an additional table top


    Pull out: Steel
    tilt and turn unit: Aluminium


    Pull out: Galvanized
    tilt and turn unit: Anodized


    For screw fixing beneath table top


    Additional table top width 500 or 600 mm
    Max. table width: 1,200 mm (with standard table height of 750 mm)
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    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 Pair of telescopic extension with tilt and turn unit

    1 Catch, stainless steel

    1 Mounting template with scale of 1:1

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    Table extension fitting, For extending tables

    • see key

      (1) Additional table top

      (2) Movable part

      (3) Internal width

      Dim. B = table width

    • see key

      Dim. B = table width

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