Rail supports, for conductor rail in conductor rail system 12 V

chrome plated, polished

Art. no. 832.01.200

  • Conductor rail system for LED spotlights
  • Stromschienensystem für LED-Strahler


    • LED-Strahler (LED 1043, LED 1074 oder LED 1078)
    • Stromschiene
    • Bodenträger
    • An- und Abschlussstück
    • Schienenverbinder
    • Schieneneinspeisung
    • Trafo T008 (für max. 12 LED-Strahler)


    Die Befestigung der Strahler erfolgt über eine Rändelmutter. Der Strahler kann dadurch nachträglich werkzeuglos auf der Schiene verstellt werden.

  • Test symbols, protection classes, degree of protection
  • Test symbol


    GS Symbol

    Symbol of Technical Control Board for proven safety

    Test symbol

    Safety-tested symbol of TÜV-Product-Service GmbH (Technical Control Board)

    VDE-GS Symbol

    Symbols for tools regarded technical work equipment - according to the GSG safety regulations

    TÜV Symbol

    Symbol of the TÜV-Product-Service GmbH (Technical Control Board) – test status unknown

    VDE Symbol

    Safety symbol of the VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies)

    ENEC-VDE Symbol in accordance with EUR standard

    The symbol is approved in Europe (20 countries) for lights that comply with EN 60598 and transformers that comply with EN 61558

    VDE-EMV Symbol

    Observance of the law for electromagnetic compatibility

    VDE radio interference suppression symbol

    Test symbol of the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies for electrical goods that comply with the VDE Directives for radio interference suppression


    Norwegian electrical material control

    CE Symbol

    This symbol represents an administrative symbol for the supervisory authorities in Europe. This symbol confirms that the EMC and Low Voltage Directives are complied with by the manufacturer.

    Safety symbol

    Lights to be used indoors only. Not to be used outdoors!

    Temperature protected converter

    Converter with temperature protection. The value specified inside the triangle corresponds to the max. housing temperature in case of malfunction


    Degree of protection


    There are three valid safety standards in Germany. Safety standard 1 is applicable for those lights without indication of the safety standard in the nameplate.

    ILights with connection for safety conductor, with which all touchable metal parts must be connected that can be put under immediate voltage in case of defect. Appliance with earthed conductor connection.

    Metal parts that can be put under immediate voltage in case of malfunction must be completely out of reach. Appliance without earthed conductor connection.


    Lights to be operated with voltages, which are either generated by a safety transformer in accordance with VDE 0551 or taken from batteries or recharcheable batteries, respectively. Appliance with low voltage of up to 25 V for safety.


    Safety types

    Protection against dust, solid objects and water. Lights conform to IP 20 in compliance with DIN 40050 unless specified otherwise.



    Protected against solid foreign objects Ø 12.5 mm and larger


    Protected against solid foreign objects Ø 1.0 mm and larger and splash water


    Protected against dust and splash water


    Dustproof, protected against water jets


    Dustproof, protected against short-time immersion in water

    Ignition and flammability protection


    Installation permissible directly onto standard inflammable material. Max. 180 °C on attachment surface

    Installation permissible directly onto flame-retardant and standard inflammable material. Max. 130 °C on attachment surface

    Installation permissible onto material with unknown ignition properties. Max. 115 °C on attachment surface (abnormal operation), max. 95 °C (normal operation)


    Safety instructions


    Please observe our notes on installation and system design for your own safety. These can be found on the corresponding product pages.


    Permissible mounting positions


    In order to avoid overheating, the specified minimum distances must be observed.

  • Technical terms
  • Lichtfarbe/Farbtemperatur

    Die Lichtfarbe ist ein Maß für den Farbeindruck einer Lichtquelle und wird in Kelvin (K) angegeben. Je niedriger der Kelvin-Wert desto wärmer das Licht, je höher der Kelvin-Wert desto kälter das Licht. Lichtquellen unter 3200 K gelten als „warm“. Dagegen gelten Lichtquellen über 4000 K als „kalt“


    Die Lichtausbeute ist die Angabe der Beleuchtungsstärke bezogen auf eine Fläche und deren Entfernung. Sie wird in Lux (lx) angegeben.


    Die Lichtleistung bestimmt den Lichtstrom bzw. eine Menge an Licht. Sie wird in Lumen (lm) angegeben.


    Unter Farbwiedergabeindex versteht man eine Größe, mit der sich die Qualität der Farbwiedergabe von Lichtquellen bei gleicher Farbtemperatur beschreiben lässt.



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    Rail supports, for conductor rail in conductor rail system 12 V

    chrome plated, polished

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