Glass front, Service+ customised, thickness 19 mm, of which glass 3 mm


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    Glass front, Service+ customised, thickness 19 mm, of which glass 3 mm

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    Product details

    Base panel coated with 3 mm real glass/real mirror
    No gap between panel and glass/mirror thanks to special production method → Perfectly processed without gaps
    Glass panel and base panel are flush with dimensional accuracy
    Surface resistant to impacts due to extensive bond connection
    Safety test by LGA: Safety
    Extremely water resistant


    Front: Glass/mirror
    Support plate: Chipboard
    Edge: Acrylic


    Laminate element: Chipboard base panel allows individual drilling, screwing and routing on the rear side


    19.6 mm

    Order reference

    The colour of the front side can be selected individually from an order quantity of 500 m2.

    Please include bespoke surcharge for each front panel.
    Please include surcharge for handle drilling for each front panel, if required.

    Required products
    Additional information attributes

    Do not clean edges with cleaners containing alcohol. Please order handle drillings through the front separately. The hole is countersunk in the glass with Ø 11 mm for technical reasons, please select handle accordingly.
    Specify dimensions for handle drillings x1, x2, y1, y2 always measured from the bottom left corner.

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