Cylinder cam lock for glass doors, PZ 60

  • 2_9_1_master key system organisation
  • Master key system organisation

    Locking maps are useful for organising comprehensive master key systems. They make organisation much easier. Generally, a distinction is made between two systems: Simple organisation with a master key (abbreviated to MK) and multi-level organisation with a general master key (abbreviated to GMK).

    Organisation with master key (MK locking systems)

    MK systems have several individual keys (IK) that are keyed to differ, i.e. they are not interchangeable.


    Then there is the master key (MK), which overrides all of the individual keys and therefore opens every lock in this system.


    MK locking systems are ideal for small offices with a boss and several employees.

    Organisation with general master key (GMK locking systems)

    GMK systems have both individual keys (IK) and group keys (GK) that are assigned to different IK's. Several GK's can be assigned to one master group key (MGK).


    The general master key (GMK) then overrides every key in the system.


    GMK locking systems are used for organisation in large office buildings with several departments and sub-departments.

    Closure direction and closure travel

    Closure travel for cam locks 90°

    Closure travel for cam locks 180°

    Closure direction left

    Closing direction right

    The closure travel is specified by numbers and the closure direction is specified by letters with cam locks. They refer to the installation situations shown in the tables. Locks with closure travel 180° can be altered to all closure travels. Factory set is closure travel 1.


    Locks with closure travel 90° are either left or right locking locks. The closure direction is here specified by letters. The first letter indicates the factory setting, the closure direction can be altered to the letters specified in brackets by re-positioning the locking cam (example: Closure direction A [D, F, G]).

  • Furniture locks with profile cylinders – PZ 60 locking system
  • PZ 60 Locking System

    For divided profile rods Ø 8 mm

    The locks of the PZ 60 locking system have a PC aperture in order to accommodate single profile cylinders with dimensions in compliance with DIN 18252/1999. It is therefore easy to integrate them in locking systems based on profile cylinders.



    Accessories – Backplates, roses and escutcheons

    PZ 60 espagnolette lock

    Modular system

    Ø 40 mm suitable for rim locks or espagnolette locks with 7 mm square spindle aperture

    PZ escutcheon plate for glue fixing

    PZ 60 espagnolette lock with latchbolt function

    profile cylinder

    in compliance with DIN EN 1303

    PZ escutcheon plate for screw fixing

    PZ 60 rim lock

    Cylinder rosette, round

    PZ 60 latchbolt rim lock

    Cylinder rosette, oval

    Construction dimensions

    Please consider the following dimensions when designing the cabinet and when choosing the accessories for the locking system:

    Upper rod dimension = centre of lock case – 32 mm

    (A = D – 32 mm)

    Lower rod dimension = centre of lock case – 32 mm

    (B = D – 32 mm)


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    Cylinder cam lock for glass doors, PZ 60

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    Cylinder cam lock for glass doors, PZ 60

    Without key trap

    Art. no. 235.87.602

    Cylinder cam lock for glass doors, PZ 60

    With key trap

    Art. no. 235.87.603
    Product details

    Area of application

    For profile cylinder with installation length (BL) 31/10 mm
    with PC aperture for accommodating profile cylinders with dimensions in compliance with DIN 18 252

    For glass door thickness

    7–10 mm


    Zinc alloy


    Nickel plated

    Type of locking

    With profile cylinder aperture

    Closure travel



    For screw fixing
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 cam lock

    1 crown nut

    1 locking cam, straight

    1 spacer plate

    1 hole nut

    1 pipe nut

    1 hexagon socket SW 2.5

    1 threaded bolt M5 x 8 mm

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